Yerba maté

Yerba Maté:
Naturally energizing

South American Maté tea is rich in antioxidants, flavor, and history.
Maté energizes your mind while nourishing your body.
Discover the pure taste of our smooth, green Maté leaves.

unique drinking

Maté is traditionally consumed from a hollowed out gourd (calabaza), through a filter straw (bombilla). This sets maté apart from every other beverage.
Unique, fun and completely natural, a refreshing combination.

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Our Green Yerba Maté

We only use the best organic green maté for our blends. Sustainably harvested by hand in the Atlantic Rainforest, where it grows amidst the native flora and fauna of the region – so not on a massive plantation. 

This is what gives our yerba mate a fresh, green, and unique taste.
Easy to get used to and very tasty!