5 reasons to start drinking Yerba Mate NOW!

Yerba mate is getting more famous by the day. And for good reason! This warm South American tea has many benefits and has a unique way of drinking! So what is Maté and why should you start drinking it? Here are 5 Reasons to drink yerba mate!

What is yerba maté?

Yerba maté is a South American tea. In South America, people love and drink Maté daily. And they have been doing so for ages. The history of yerba maté is very rich and there are many traditions that go along with drinking the tea. Drunk traditionally from a gourd with a bombilla, a filter straw, yerba mate is enjoyed all around the world.

1. Yerba Mate: full of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants

Yerba mate is especially known for the health benefits it contains. Many vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that your body needs daily are found in a cup of maté. Vitamin A, B1, B2, B3, B5, C, E, K are found in yerba maté. All of that and even more, just from drinking your tasty tea from your natural gourd. No wonder why Argentinians also call yerba mate the ‘liquid vegetable’.

2. Mateine: Natural energy

Maté gives a smooth energy boost. Maté contains caffeine and many alkaloids. This ensures a constant and slow build-up of energy. The best thing about the energy from yerba maté: no caffeine crash! The effect that caffeine has on your body is very different from, for example, a cup of coffee. The reason is because of the combination of alkaloids in maté. That’s why you can refer to mateine as a collective name of those alkaloids and caffeine.  Feel good and focused, all day long!

3. Refill your Maté multiple times

Don’t waste your maté! After finishing your first cup of the day, just refill your gourd with water. Maté has a strong taste and can be used multiple times. The first cup of maté of the day always has the strongest taste. The real Maté connoisseurs enjoy their second one the most. Of course, the taste gets milder the more you refill your gourd, so we recommend refilling it up to 5 times! But this is up to you. Another tip from us: when the taste is to mild, just add another tablespoon of yerba mate to your gourd.

Disclaimer: Don’t let your wet maté, without refilling it, sit in your calabaza for more than 2 hours. Your Calabaza can form a mold otherwise.

4. All-Natural Ingredients and Flavor in Maté

Firstly, We only use green, smooth, and airdried maté for our blends. It is sustainably harvested in the Atlantic Rainforest, where it grows amidst the native flora and fauna of the region – so not on a massive plantation, and bought straight from the farmer. This is what gives our yerba mate a fresh, green, and unique taste. Easy to get used to and very tasty!

Secondly, The blends of Mr. Maté do not contain flavors or other natural additives. We only use 100% natural ingredients that perfectly complement the taste of Maté. For example, the lemongrass in the Fresh Lemon blend provides a soft aftertaste and the ginger for a spicy touch in the Guarana & Ginger!

5. Unique drinking experience

Yerba mate has a unique taste. It’s adventurous and all-natural. But the best thing about maté is the way of drinking. Yerba mate is traditionally drunk out of a natural dried-out gourd with a bombilla, a filter straw. Yerba mate has a long history, the Guaraní people have been drinking maté like this for ages. According to us, this is the only way to enjoy a maté. See for yourself!

These are the five reasons to drink yerba mate according to us. The health benefits, the natural energy, and the unique way of drinking are the things that make Maté so special.  Do you have other or maybe even better reasons to try yerba mate? Let us know below.

Are you interested to try a maté for yourself? Take a look at our Mr. Maté Starter Packs. Everything you need to try yerba maté yourself is included!

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