About us

Our maté

Nice to meet you! We are David and Lars, high school friends and the founders of Mr. Maté. Curiosity and exploration run through our veins. Our passion for discovering new foods and cultures lead us to start Mr. Maté in 2020.

After discovering Maté in South America, we were instantly
hooked. We decided to bring this magical drink and its culture back to Europe.

Turning an idea into a Vision

With Mr. Maté, we want to give back to nature. Nature sustains life, supports us in every way, and gave us the gift of Maté. So, we want to give back to nature!

Therefore, we exclusively use 100% natural ingredients, sourced responsibly, non-GMO, and without additives. Also, we aim to minimize waste and plastics in our packaging.

This is just the beginning. Our goal is to be climate neutral in 2025 and climate positive in 2030. We will soon announce how we will achieve these goals, stay tuned!