The Rich History of Yerba Maté

Yerba Maté, you could be familiar with it through Maté soda or the social media of South-American celebrities and football players, such as Messi or Suarez. But Maté isn’t just a tasty and healthy drink. Behind Maté lies a long and rich history, full of culture.

Drink of the gods

Yerba mate originates from the dense and diverse jungles of South America, where it was first consumed by the Guaraní people, an indigenous tribe, who inhabited the area for thousands of years. The Guaraní used the maté plant as a drink, a currency, and for rituals. They believed that their gods gifted them with yerba maté. 

Maté was nicknamed “the drink of the gods” because of the plant’s properties and healing effects. The Guaraní drank maté from a dried and hollowed-out pumpkin, the Calabaza, using a bamboo straw with holes in them. This tradition has survived to this very day. 

Conquistadores discover the “Green Gold”

In the seventeenth century, the Conquistadores discovered the Guaraní tribe and were stunned by their physical strength and lack of diseases. They attributed their health to the drink consumed from a funny-looking pumpkin. The tribe shared the maté with the conquistadores, who were quickly sold on Maté and brought the energizing beverage with them. They then started cultivating yerba maté commercially. The beverage then rapidly spread to the rest of South America.

Yerba Maté today?

For centuries yerba mate has been part of the history of South America. Currently, maté is the most consumed hot beverage in Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil, and Paraguay. It is even the national drink of Argentina! Following the tradition of the Guaraní, Yerba Maté is still drunk from a Calabaza. The bamboo straw has been replaced with a stainless steel straw (bombilla). Yet there is also increasing interest in new ways to use maté. It is also drunk cold (tereré), enjoyed as a soda, or as herbal/fruit blends!

Yerba maté is still in its infancy in Europe. It is only a matter of time before Europeans discover its true potential and flavor! 

Yerba mate is full of antioxidants, and naturally energizes your mind while nourishing your body. Have you tried it already? Get started with our Starter Pack!

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