How to Maté?

Quick and simple

You can enjoy Maté in many ways. To get used to the flavor, we advise you to drink Maté like this first. Simple and quick, you’ll be enjoying your Maté in no time.

Here’s how you do it:

1. Add 5-10 grams Maté (1-2 Mr. Maté Spoons) to your gourd (calabaza) 
2. Place the filter straw (bombilla) in the calabaza
3. Fill the calabaza with hot water (75-80 ºC)
4. Enjoy & Refill with water until Maté loses flavor!

prepare maté

Are you ready for the real deal? Then you can start making your Maté the traditional way.
Your South American friends (and we) will be proud! 

Watch the video below to have a real matero explain how to Maté.
A quick tip: If you can’t figure out the Spanish, turn the subtitles on.

Calabaza care

Calabazas are unique products of nature and therefore vary in color, size and shape. 
You need to take good care of your calabaza and clean it after each use.
Calabazas don’t like the dishwasher!

Here's how you clean it:

Empty your Mr. Maté Calabaza after use


Empty your Calabaza

Clean your calabaza by rinsing with water


Rinse with water
(No soap!)

Put calabaza on bombilla to let water leak out


Put calabaza on bombilla to let water leak out

Let calabaza dry on a dry place, so all water evaporates


Dry completely and store in dry place

Maté Do's

To become a true matero, there are some things you must (not) do. 

1. Refill your Maté

Maté retains flavor, don’t dump the leaves out after one drink.

2. Share with friends

Drinking Maté is a very social activity. Take your Maté to your favorite spot and share it with friends! 

3. Drink during work or study

Maté stimulates your mind while nourishing your body. Perfect to get through those rough Mondays!

Maté Dont's

1. Don't Move the bombilla!

Not stirring or moving the bombilla prevents small Maté particles from coming through the bombilla. 

2. Don't steep the Maté

Drink immediately. If you steep the Maté for too long, it will become really strong.

3. Don't use boiling water

It will make the Maté bitter and burn some of those precious antioxidants.