Orange Juice Tereré: Perfect for Brunch

Tere… what? Tereré is basically yerba maté, enjoyed cold. In the hot South-American summers, maté is often drunk cold. Locals can’t live a day without their beloved Maté. However, a warm tea-like drink is not always your first choice when it’s 35 °C out. So, they fill their Maté with a glass of super cold ice water. And there you have your iced-maté: Tereré.

This recipe takes cold Maté a step further! Cold maté is delicious when it’s warm. However, Tereré with ice-cold, freshly squeezed orange juice is even more delicious! The unique taste of the yerba mate goes very well with the sweet and tangy flavor of fresh orange juice. Delicious on a hot summer day & perfect for your Sunday brunch!


1l Fresh orange juice (without pulp)
Ice cubes
Mr. Maté Original (15-25 grams)
Optional: Mint leaves & Whole Orange

Here’s how you make it

This recipe is super simple. You’ll be enjoying your Orange juice Tereré in no time!

  1. Fill a glass with ice cubes and place bombilla 
  2. Poor cold pulp-free orange juice over the ice
  3. Add 15-25 grams of Maté (3-5 Maté spoons) and let it steep for 1 minute
  4. Garnish with mint leaves and a slice of orange
  5. Drink through bombilla & enjoy! 

Want more? Simply refill your glass with orange juice!

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