Mr. Mate Original


  • Original yerba maté flavor
  • 100% natural
  • South American superfood

Contents: 150g

Natural, Pure, and very Tasty: Original Maté!

Discover the traditional taste of yerba maté. Healthy, pure, and with a distinctive flavor. Discover green yerba maté from South America. A unique green taste, no smokiness!


100% yerba mate


150 g


Contains Cafeïn


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what is yerba maté?

Yerba Maté consists of the magical leaves of the Maté plant, native to the South-American Rainforest. 

Maté leaves are hand-picked, dried and ground up, before you add them to your Calabaza with some hot water.

Rich in history and taste:
Maté gives you the energy of coffee, the health-benefits of green tea and the euphoria of chocolate!