Yerba Maté?

Tiny leaf,
incredible power

Yerba Maté consists of the magical leaves of the Maté plant, native to the South-American Rainforest.  Our Maté leaves are hand-picked, dried and ground up, before you add them to your Calabaza with some hot water.

Rich in history and taste:

Maté gives you the energy of coffee, the health-benefits of green tea and the euphoria of chocolate!

Maté makes you
feel good

Do you ever get extremely tired after drinking coffee? You’ve probably had a coffee-dip before. We’ve had them too, but not anymore…

Maté has none of that! The caffeine, combined with 24 minerals, vitamins and countless polyphenols, stimulate your mind, while nourishing your body.
You’ll be energised, yet relaxed; there’s nothing like it

Graph showing the difference in energy over time, between coffee and yerba maté
Yerba Maté vs Coffee

Our Green Yerba Maté

We only use green, smooth, and airdried maté for our blends. Sustainably harvested in the Atlantic Rainforest, where it grows amidst the native flora and fauna of the region – so not on a massive plantation.

This is what gives our yerba mate a fresh, green, and unique taste. Easy to get used to and very tasty!


Our Maté blends are 100% natural and made by hand. No additives, sugars, aromas, or any other nonsense.

We simply combine our Maté with top-quality dried herbs and fruits! This way you get the best flavor, the most natural way possible!

Get your Maté!